Tips on How to Conceive Faster

conceive fasterHave you been trying to conceive for several months and have had no luck? Tips on how to conceive faster can teach you about the simple changes you need to make in order to conceive and to also prepare your body to be baby ready.

How to Conceive: Priming the Body for Conception

Have you been taking birth control pills for years? If so, take a pass on your prescription three months before you plan to start trying to conceive. This also includes other types of hormonal birth control as well, such as the patch or the shot. You should stop getting the shop nine months before you try to conceive. After a person has been on birth control for some time the body may take a few months to start ovulating again and to be fully ready for conception.  This can also give you time to keep track of your cycle and determine exactly when you ovulate.

Regardless of how often you and your partner have sex, if you fail to have sex on the key days during the month when the egg is ready to go, you won’t conceive. The biggest mistake most couple make is not knowing their ovulation schedule.

These days, most physicians will recommend using an ovulation predictor kit for a more accurate measure of ovulation. While you can still take your basal body temperature, charting daily, an ovulation kit can provide you with an advanced warning that the egg is about to be released, so you’ll be able to plan accordingly. These kits will function by finding if there is a surge of the LH hormone in the urine, which will happen about thirty-six to forty-eight hours before ovulation. Essentially there’s two completely different kinds of ovulation kits. There are kits you use the week before ovulation and kits that you use every day.

coception tipsSperm is able to stick around in the uterus for two to three days, but the eggs will only last twelve to twenty-four hours after they have been released. Having intercourse before ovulation will boost a couple’s chances that there will be sperm around to meet the egg as soon as it arrives. For a twenty-eight day cycle, start having sex three times a week as soon as you stop menstruating. Having sex this frequently will ensure that you don’t miss your most fertile time, and this can be especially helpful for women who have irregular cycles. Make it a point to have intercourse every other day, around day ten. When you have a positive result on the ovulation test kit, have sex that day and frequently for the next two days. These days will be the best days out of the month to conceive.

How soon should I take a Pregnancy Test?

The sooner you know you’re pregnant, the sooner you can meet with your doctor to begin prenatal care and ensure that your eating and drinking habits are healthy. These days, some pregnancy tests will allow you to begin testing very early (as many as seven to ten days before a missed period), however, you’ll get better results if you wait until the day after your first missed period.




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